Song Spotlight 2

Lost Boys” by Ocean Park Standoff.


Ocean Park Standoff is a band from Southern California, consisting of Samantha Ronson, Pete Nappi, and Ethan Thompson. “Lost Boys” is the first song off their eponymous EP, which was released in March 2017.

The song has been one of my favorites since finding the EP under “New Releases” on Spotify a few months back. As such, I’ve tried very hard to curb my urge to listen this song in an effort to prevent over saturating my ears and brain with it. It makes me feel too good and is too easy for me to like to risk disliking it for a reason as mundane as, “I’ve heard it too much.”*

The lyrics are pretty carefree; they’re indicative of young, wild, and raw energy. The story is inviting the person to whom the writer is referring to embrace the possibilities of an unplanned future. It seems that nearly every line is predicated on the notion that a life can be so much more than a life, and it starts with a night that can be so much more than a night.

The structure of the production is so fun and easy. The chord progression is simple and easy to listen to. The sound is large, and lulls are far and few between. It’s high energy for a large majority of its 3:49 runtime. The fact that most of the lyrics are layered by multiple voices, a sort of choral effect, and the use of words like, “let’s,” and first-person plural pronouns, “we,” and, “our,” give the impression of charisma, a characteristic that inherently connects people. Using welcoming phrases like, “Let’s go,” is similar in function to, “Come with me,” but through reflection, I can see how the difference can be quite stark. This difference lies in the nuances of language, which I do not think I am qualified to explain.

There are a lot of coming-of-age novels and stories wherein there is a scene / act of some youngsters that explains how a person feels as they’re doing something really new or exhilarating or special in any way, shape, or form. The instance that comes to mind is the act in Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky when the narrator, Charlie, is with his friends. They’re in a pickup truck, and he raises himself into the breeze of their motion as they traverse a tunnel. He then describes the grand emotions he has as they exit the tunnel and the lights of the city reach him. I imagine that if those emotions had a sound, it would sound exactly like, “Lost Boys.”

*Part of this logic extends into my disdain for the radio. It’s not that radio / mainstream music sucks in any particular way. I just don’t want the songs that are more easily digestible for a widespread audience, myself included, to be sullied by its own overabundance. In any case, this song is, in my opinion, too good for the radio.

Thanks for the tune, Ocean Park Standoff.


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