I talk about a new holiday

The new clicheé with Valentine’s Day is the notion that one “should show their love every day instead of just once a year.” And it is not that people are not doing this; admittedly, it is not daily but it is way more than once a year (anniversaries, birthdays, CHRISTMAS). However, the general consensus is that people are often so caught up in the ins and outs of daily life that acts of love seem to slip through the cracks, and it is only by the next Valentine’s Day that the differences are noticeable; things that change gradually never receive attention until there is nothing else to give it.

So why not help the general public? Establishing a second Valentine’s Day could be beneficial for the opinions surrounding the health of the institution of marriage. One of every two marriages ending in divorce is such a staggering statistic that trying to comprehend it in the scope of its occurrence in the United States is like trying to picture every single dollar bill one would receive if they were to win the lottery. (Not that damn Powerball. That would be ludicrous.)

Forcing people to tend to their relationships several months apart is not exactly micromanaging them, but it is a definitely a nice push in the direction of happiness, if we define happiness as dependent on a well-managed and well-tended relationship. What seems to go wrong for most marriages is that people lose that initial spark and subsequently lose all hope for their marriage or they get so jaded by their partners and their own lives that revisiting the foundation of their relationship ends up being like trying to live back at home with mom and dad at 45.* Allowing people to think about something important more often is key. I understand from personal experience that consistent reinforcement is the only way to develop a habit; heck, everyone knows that. The old (and possibly unfounded) saying is that it takes thirty days straight to make a habit. It is not thirty days, but twice a year at months a part seems like the next best alternative for the 120 million-ish married folks in the United States alone.

I am not saying this is absolutely necessary; hundreds (thousands? millions?) of couples everyday find ways to create joy in their lives. However, people are forgetful, or rather, they adapt so well that new things can sometimes lose their glow. Reminders without a snooze button have their way of convincing people to get off their asses and move.

So. The technical stuff. I suggest that this holiday be around the middle August. Maybe second Friday of August. It should be called something related to its purpose, like Nous Day (“We” Day). Obviously not a federal holiday. The representative colors for treats and stuff are red and goldenrod. Or maybe like some lavender and navy.

* I have absolutely no idea what marriage is like. I don’t think this was my worst guess, but it certainly wasn’t my best. This is my moderate-level guess.


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