I talk about bad writing

Bad writing may be just as valuable as good writing. Honestly, I do believe that it is just as crucial as good writing. I don’t know the proportions, though.

Actually, as I think about which of 51/49 or 60/40 or 75/25 is most appropriate, the idea that it doesn’t necessarily need to be constant is dawning on me. Maybe writing can actually be 75% bad writing at the beginning, at which point it hits 60, then 51, then 49, and so on. And then maybe writing peaks, and then it falls but not nearly at the rate that it rose, and surely it won’t ever fall as low as when it started, right? I can’t imagine a person writing for so long and somehow just becoming bad at writing (again).

Anyway, I started this post with the intention of saying that I want my writing to be bad right now. If it’s not, awesome. If it is, then I’m glad; I want to be a great writer, and the way most people improve, myself included, is by first being just garbage. I want to get my mistakes out there so I can learn from them more quickly.


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