I write lyrics, 1

I wanted to fall in love

With no one but you

I saw you in Adventureland

Even then, I knew

My future flashed before my eyes

And all I saw was you.


A warm night in summer

Twilight burning out

I could feel your presence

Change the air around

The air inside my lungs

Electric now


I wish I had a ring back then

I’d marry you every day

You’re why I believe in love

I dream you feel the same

I think I have always known, but the best way for me to hone a craft is to put in the sheer time. So this is me, putting in the sheer time.

Tonight, my goal was to write the lyrics to a song. I have done that. There is no melody or accompaniment, but those were not the goal tonight.

13 Dec 15

EDIT: I think a 2,1,7 – 1,7,6 approach may work here.


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