I talk about The 1975

Thinking about music in a categorical manner, placing them into lists for different reasons, is fun for me and a very interesting concept. Often, though, I find it very difficult to make the list and justify a song’s placement in it without repeating myself, which gets increasingly difficult as the playlist grows.

Say, for example, I make a playlist for sleeping. I personally have at least seven playlists comprised of songs with different moods, depending on my own. But if I breakdown what I usually gravitate toward when making a new one, usually the songs are quieter and rely on a I/IV guitar riff, as in Falling Over Me by Demi Lovato, or are ballads of sorts, like All Too Well by Taylor Swift.

I don’t know what my point was.

I’m just listening to The 1975, and I was inspired to write by both the music and the fact that it’s been a while.

I like using words to identify what I like about something. It makes me appreciate it more, it makes me think about the subject matter more (which is good because I usually enjoy these things), and it makes me feel more confident about my command of English.

I really enjoy the sharp consonants of his singing, usually in a word like “don’t,” which sounds a lot bigger than it ever really does in music. I really like the voice of the snare drum and the varied rhythm patterns in the hi-hat. I really dig the emphasis on the bass line; the bass feels just as, if not more than, important than the guitar riffs, which, in my opinion really influences the mood of a song.

Those are the biggest factors. In my very humble and unimportant opinion.

My favorite The 1975 songs include but are not limited to, in no order:

  • Settle Down
  • Head.Cars.Bending
  • Menswear

Three very different songs with very different sounds, but I feel these songs represent the best production, writing, and instrumentation from the band. Or maybe I just love the bejeezus out of these songs.


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